By combining our versatile technical knowledge with creative design skills, we help companies in various industries build products that users love.

MVP & PrototypesMVP & Prototypes

If you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to bring a new product to market, we will create an MVP or prototype with basic functions for you.

MVP - the minimum viable product - will help you transform your idea into reality by creating a simplified version of your future business. We will help you decide which functionalities are necessary to start your product.

  • Wireframing - Low & High Fidelity

  • Concurency Research

  • 3rd Party Support (Stripe, OneSignal, Apple Store, Google Play)

  • Analytics (Google Analytics, Hotjar)

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Cover image Nersystem application

Nersystem - Timesheet application for iOS & Android

UI / UX DesignUI / UX Design

Make the first impression. Website or application design is the first thing users see and decide immediately whether or not they're interested. We offer user interface and environment development services so that you can attract your customers from the first click.

Our designers will help you design innovative and modern-looking websites or mobile applications. We emphasize that your site or application is clear and easy to use for customers.

  • Prototypes in Figma / Adobe XD

  • Responsive design

  • Iconography

  • Branding & Print design

Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering

We have many years of experience in the development of server, web, and mobile software solutions tailored to each client.

Our team of developers works in small groups in an agile methodology, using our internal Jira as well as customer-selected software. Therefore, our team can easily and regularly deploy functional units, which we can consult with the customer already in the development process.

  • JavaScript Frameworks - React, React Native, Gatsby, NextJS

  • Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Firestore

  • Payment Gateways - Stripe, Braintree

  • Backend - Java Spring, NodeJS, Express, NestJS

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Software development is a complex process, and you will be a part of it from the first moment - from defining your requirements to deploying a website or application in production. Whatever your idea, you can count on us.

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Our designers and developers will design a functional solution exactly according to your wishes, and you will be part of this process from the first moment. Based on your requirements, we will analyze a possible solution and suitable technologies. Of course, the creation of a functional prototype of the site or application, where you will see your ideas transformed into a real form for the first time. We will adjust the prototype to exactly suit your ideas.


After approval of analysis, we will start developing an application based on the latest technologies so that we can bring you a quality and stable product.


Before development ends it's time for testing. Our testers will not miss any small or large mistakes so that you can provide your customers with a flawless website or mobile application. We have various devices at our disposal, on which we will fine-tune your product and prepare it for the next step, which is a very important part of development - user testing. Then you test your product yourself because only you have the best idea of ​​functionality.

Project delivery

After the user acceptance tests, we will be almost in the finals - we will hand over the project documentation and prepare the deployment of your project for production - whether it will be to post your site on the web or upload it to Google Play or the Appstore. According to the agreement, we will support you even after deployment to production.

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Our Expertise

Icon showing automotive expertise


By combining our many years of technical knowledge with creative design skills, we help companies in this industry shape the future of intelligent and intuitive mobility.

Icon showing IOT expertise


Internet of Things is the collective name for applications that wirelessly connect various sensors and devices with a wide range of uses - such as smart home appliances.

Icon showing backoffice expertise

Large backoffice & Admins

We help create innovative and modern information systems according to the individual needs of customers, which streamline the administration and normal operation of the company.

Heart icon showing healthcare expertise


Thanks to advanced technologies and the rapid expansion of Internet access, medical applications are extremely useful. A medical application with powerful technological functions can significantly improve patient outcomes, provide personalized care, and much more.

Icon showing utilities expertise

Utilities & Tools

We create tools and small applications that make everyday life easier, whether they are simple tools or more complex SaaS applications.

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With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the demand for crypto applications is also growing. We will help you enter the world of cryptocurrencies with a professional mobile or web application.

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Each team has a specific software development process. We use modern ones that will last a long time and we create applications that are ready for a large number of your potential customers.