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How we helped streamline production processes by creating a mobile application for the attendance system

For our client Nersystem, we have developed a company attendance system for recording employee attendance using a mobile application for iOS and Android. The requirement was that the application also provided the possibility of recording the absence from the workplace, with subsequent approval or disapproval in the company's back-office administration system. Attendance information is directly linked to current and future production. Thanks to the application, managers have an immediately available list of all employees, and at the same time, the attendance system is linked to production planning, thanks to which they can evaluate the occupancy of individual workstations.

Client: Nersystem

Project type: Design and development of a mobile application

Year: 2021 - 2022


The Czech company Nersystem is engaged in providing a wide range of services related to the production process. Their portfolio includes, for example, a production management system, for the management of production lines and production processes with a direct link to the warehousing process and other parts of the distribution process. Other great services are active logistics management with direct communication with customers and subsequent coordination of assembly workers, as well as a system for automated control of warehouse movements and production supply.

Náhľad dizajnu aplikácie Nersystem


After consultations with the client, we determined the content and functionality of the application, from which we then sketched the basic screens in the form of paper drawings. The client's condition was to incorporate the process of recording employee attendance with the use of NFC technology if the employee does not agree with the use of location services, which would otherwise monitor his position in relation to the place of work. After agreeing on the assignment and scope of work, we created a functional clickable UI design in the Figma program. For the development itself, we chose to use the React Native framework so that the customer could quickly cover both mobile platforms on the market.

Attendance record

When loading, the application retrieves information about the current working day from the server, together with summary statistics for the given month. The employee sees his current status on the screen - from this screen, he has the option to start or pause working hours, or to end the break. The beginning or end of working hours is conditioned by the employee's location in relation to the distance from the workplace. However, if the user does not agree to the use of location services, he can use NFC technology to load configured NFC chips located at the workplace. If he does not log out, the system will automatically log the user out at the end of his business hours.

Absence reports

In the statistics, the user sees the categories of absences - for example, vacation, doctor's visit, sick leave. Each of these screens displays the balance for the current calendar year, as well as a list of all absences in that category. The iconography in this letter shows the user whether their absence request has been entered, approved, or rejected. In the detail of the entered request, it is possible to modify the parameters before sending, as well as additional information specific to the absence category, such as a doctor's visit confirmation.

Vizualizácia obrazoviek aplikácie Nersystem

Used technologies

  • Mobile application - React Native, Typescript, OneSignal, NFC bridge
  • Project management - Atlassian Jira, Trello
  • Design - Figma, System UI
  • Communication - Slack, Zoom

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