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Safe vehicle control via mobile application

Our client Auto SOWA had a very interesting and demanding request for development of a mobile application and a server part that will communicate with the software immobilizer developed by this client. The most echoing development requirement was the security of the final solution. The mobile application can control the vehicle itself, view its location or change its settings. Communication between the server part of the application and the device in the car itself is, therefore, solved by a secure channel with encryption.

Client: Autosowa

Project type: Mobile application development, Back office admin interface, Server part of the application

Year: 2018 - now


The client is the Slovak company Auto SOWA, which was founded in 1996 by a group of experts on BMW vehicles. As you probably guessed, it was not an ordinary "garage" group. In the 25 years of its operation, Auto SOWA has reworked into the position of supplier to the BMW Group, for which it provides technical training and consulting for BMW dealers around the world.

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We created a detailed assignment describing the communication between the server and the software immobilizer (ATS), which we consulted with the customer and subsequently implemented. The design was defined by our customer, we implemented it according to requirements. The project is constantly evolving and we are adding additional functionalities and improvements to all layers. We have chosen the React Native framework for the development of the mobile application itself so that the customer can quickly cover both mobile platforms on the market. For the server part, we chose development in Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate using the REST interface. During development, we prepared two environments, one development environment for testing new functionality and one production environment. We prepared archives for both environments using CI Atlassian Bamboo, which we also used for deployment. The delivery also included the preparation and operation of dedicated Linux servers, for each environment separately. We also provided web, application servers, firewall configuration, and the necessary software applications for the operation of the system for these servers.

Visualisation of AUTOSOWA screens

Used technologies

  • Mobile application - React Native, OneSignal
  • Server solution - Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, PostgreSQL, setup of Linux server
  • Project management - Atlassian Bamboo, Jira
  • Communication - Email

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