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Mobile application for connecting all active people.

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We have created an application that connects people with the same sports interests

Our client Todoo Activities had a request to create a mobile application in which the user could create sports activities with the exact time and place and the number of people who can participate in the activity. After the creation of the activity, other users of the application in the area with the same preferences for sports activities can register for such an event.

Client: Todoo Activities

Project type: Dizajn, vývoj mobilnej aplikácie a serverového riešenia

Year: 2020 - 2021


The client was a private person interested in sports activities. We have probably all encountered the fact that when we had the time and appetite for sports, we could not find a partner, and this is exactly what our client decided to solve with a nice mobile application.

Náhľad dizajnu aplikácie Todoo Activities


After consultations with the client, we determined the content and functionality of the application, from which we then sketched the basic screens in the form of paper drawings. It was important for the client that the users in the given activity did not have to use external chat applications, but that they could communicate directly in the chat designated for this event. The user chose the type of activity, time, and place - the event could take place either once or with regular recurrence. For the development, we chose to use the React Native framework so that the customer could quickly cover both mobile platforms on the market. For the server part, we chose development in Java Spring using REST and Websocket calls. The delivery of the server part of the application also included the preparation and installation of the application on a dedicated Linux server. We provided preparation, configuration, installation application and web server, as well as automatic deployment via Atlassian Bamboo.

Intuitive activity search

The user can choose 2 of his favorite activities, as well as the location in which he would like to find them. When opened, the app will display future nearby activities based on preferences results of future activities. The results are displayed in a list, but the user can also select a mode to search for activities directly on the map.

Contact in a group

After logging in to the activity, the user is automatically added to the created chat group. It can thus agree on further details of the sports activity with other users. Chat for one-time activities is automatically archived after they take place, to give the users a better overview of their future activities. However, it is always possible to browse archived communications in case user needs to contact another member.

Create activity

The application allows anyone to add a new activity. This is a multi-step form in which the user can choose, in addition to basic information, other parameters such as the number of attendees, gender, and the ability to repeat the activity regularly.

Vizualizácia obrazoviek aplikácie Todoo Activities

Použité technológie

  • Mobile application - React Native, Typescript, OneSignal, Websocket
  • Server solution - Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, PostgreSQL, setup of Linux server
  • Project management - Atlassian Bamboo, Jira, Trello
  • Design - Figma, Justinmind, System UI
  • Communication - WhatsApp, Zoom

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